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Gentlemen's Evening and Stagshow

Welcome to The Danny Blue Stagshow

CherryDanny Blue has been presenting Stag shows , Gentlemen's evenings for over 35 years. Danny is a politically-incorrect comedian basically keeping the good old British jokes and sense of humour alive. He believes that if you can't tell a joke about everything then don't tell a joke about anything.

The girl's normally add a bit of humour in their spots, the "teasing" part involves the slowness of undressing, while the audience is eager to Dannysee more. After their spot Danny comes back on and links the night together with comedy and micky taking.

Earlier this year Danny hosted a fantastic Gentleman's evening at the Lakeside Club in Frimley.

The show was for the Charity CARE AFTER COMBAT. The show sported Charity Chairman JIM DAVIDSON, JIMMY JONES, MICKY PUGH , DANNY BLUE plus three lovely girls Charlie Darling, Morgan Diamond and Sammy. Photographs from this event can be found on this site in the gallery section.

STRIPPERS - Delay tactics include additional clothes under clothes being removed, putting clothes or hands in front of just undressed body parts, etc. Emphasis is on the act of undressing along with sexually suggestive movement, not on the state of being undressed: in some cases the performance is finished as soon as the undressing is finished.

Note: (Before the sexual revolution, striptease performance often ended with the performer wearing a g-string and pasties).

LexiAlong with physical attractiveness and appropriate clothing, the main asset and tool used by the exotic dancer in recent years is the stripper pole. Almost all exotic dancers are drawn to the profession by the potential earnings in the form of tips and commissions from lap dances.

Danny has performed his Stagshow all over the U.K and even taken it to Germany . You will see from his numerous genuine testimonials and repeat Lindseyperfromances that this is a very successful show. You can book this show from any reputable enteraiment agency or book from the contact form above. Please note that if booked through an agency any re-bookings must be re-booked through that source.

Danny brings a Bose 802 speaker and P.A system with him. If you have any further question's please refer to the FAQ's tab above . Thank You Danny Blue Stagshows